god’s own country

Kerala is everything the guidebooks say, and more.   My 40 hour non-A/C ride was far more bearable than I thought it would be, due to the welcoming presence of several Marathis and Malayalis.  I brought my own food, which proved only partly necessary, as food was abundant.  It got quite warm the second day, but manageable, and never too crowded.

3 am arrival to Trivandrum, and straight to the lodge, which was conveniently next to the train station.  Then we woke up early-ish, got ready and headed to the bus (also next door) for the bus to Kollam (A/C). 

There, we met our host, who runs a small guesthouse right on the beach.  We dropped off our bags, and headed back to town, to catch a ride to Ashtamudi Lake, and a lake islands tour.  Not sure what to expect, I was pleasantly surprised to see a long canoe/longboat, and a few other foreigners.  We delicately boarded, and then our guide and canoe driver pushed off the banks with his pole and we proceeded on a lazy 3-hour trip through the backwaters, stopping for tea, fresh coconut water, and several inquisitive young children. 

Tonight, on the beach.  Tomorrow, we board a ferry for Amrithapuri, for some full body contact with Amma, then on to Alleppey.

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