10 Year Plan

Things I want to accomplish in the next 10 years (by 2020):

1. Visit Kerala. (completed 2/10)

2. Hike Mt. Kinabalu. (completed 3/10)

3.  Get published. (completed 1/13 – JAMA Pediatrics)

4. Climb Mt. Kilimanjaro.

5. See every country in Latin America. (Nicaragua, Peru, Colombia)

6. Go dog sledding. (completed 01/10)

7. Stick a real jump on my snowboard.

8. Grow a garden. (started May 2013)

9. Visit all 4 temples of the Char Dham:  Puri, Rameshwaram (2010), Dwarka (1998), and Badrinath (2007).

10. See Italy, Turkey, Greece, Spain, and Portugal. (Spain, Portugal)

11. Do a handstand.

12. Get my yoga teacher training certification. (completed 2/11)

13.  Become certified to teach meditation. (completed 10/13)

14. Learn to drive stick.

15. Make a souffle.

16. Make a sourdough starter.

17. Do a long-distance charity bike ride.

18. See Borobudur.

19. Go to a GAA match. (completed 9/13)

20. Go to the World Cup.

21. See Petra.

22. Go snorkeling.

22. Visit the Balkans.

23. Relearn French.

24. Knit a scarf.

25. take a cross country train, preferably the Trans-Siberian.

(started 12/09, updated 1/15)

3 thoughts on “10 Year Plan

  1. irshad says:

    pretty interesting and informative…..and to top it all…seems like a lot of fun

  2. Kim Tracy says:


    I have a simular list…40 before I turn 40. Checking them off one beautiful experience after another. Inspired by you!!! LOVE!

  3. mckenzie says:

    I will teach you how to drive stick 😉 ~ Mckenzie

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